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Your Last Phone System..

Priority PBX is 100% cloud-powered, Reliable, Scalable and Expandable, we think its the last system you will ever need for your business.


Why our phone system is  the best…

Cloud Cloud and more Cloud

Priority PBX is 100% cloud hosted and controlled, no need for onsite phone PBX units, all you need is your handset, and the internet!


Our systems are always online. 98% up-time guarantee backed by financial guarantee. 

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All the Stuff

Priority PBX has an industry leading set of features, our system is constantly evolving, updating and improving. Never replace your phone system again!

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Take Control

Your system, in your control 24/7 365. Skip the middle man and handle your phone system yourself.

Expandable and UP-GRADABLE

The last phone system you will ever need…

Priority PBX is the industry leader in Expandable, feature rich cloud hosted PBX systems.

When you partner with Priority PBX your business can start with 5 phones and expand to 500 phones as your business grows.

Our Feature set is constantly improving and expanding. We listen to you and add features to our system each month, so you will always have the latest and greatest features.


our system

What You Get

Control From Anywhere

Priority PBX is controlled with a secure cloud portal, so you can change settings wherever you are.

Full Customization

You have full access to the suite of configuration changes. Take control of your system without depending on any 3rd parties.

Independent Carrier

Priority PBX is powered by an independent carrier. No need to rely on any telco for lines. The buck stops with us.

Referral Benifits

Got lots of friends in business? Get referral benifits for recommending Priority PBX.

Always Updating & Fixing Bugs

Feature updates are released bi-monthly based on customer demand. 

Industry Leading Feature Set

Priority PBX has an industry-leading set of features. Learn more about the features below.

Robust Documentation

Take control of configuration and troubleshooting in house. Robust documentation assists in troubleshooting and configuration changes. Priority PBX university coming soon…

Built In Analytics

Priority PBX has built in analytics, get call statistics for your business right from the Control Panel.

Keep your existing numbers

Full number porting available. Keep your number, and let us carry it for you! 

Works Wherever you do

Your phones require nothing other than a reliable internet connection. Have a phone at home, one at the office or move them around. 

Great Support

All support is provided by our parent company Priority Technology. Proven, reliable assistance to have your issue resolved promptly.

No Contract Plans Available

Don’t want to be locked down? We understand… No contract options available.


But what can it do?

Priority PBX is an industry leader for functionality and Reliability. But What can it actually do? Lets take a look…

Route your numbers to your chosen destination.

Link your extensions to your phone. Or softphone.


Answer your calls in order, and control what your customers hear.

Set your phones to automatic and never forget night mode again.

Take control of your calls, and direct your customers to the appropriate destination.

  • Call Recording
  • Ring Groups
  • Statistics and Reporting
  • Custom Hold Music
  • Page Groups
  • Call Parking
  • Hosted Address Book


Choose A Plan That Works For You

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